The shapes you want are closer than you think. Try the products of the Superbody line and rediscover the tone of your skin.

Redesign your body

The secret to an enviable silhouette? A toned and compact skin.

The Superbody line has a total body action: fat deposits are reduced, cellulite blemishes attenuated, skin smooth and toned.
And there is a solution for every step of the beauty routine.

The key active ingredient is the Tea Flower: rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, it acts on lipogenesis and promotes the drainage of excess fluids.

Visible results

The effect of BECOS products is measurable.
Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Instrumental clinical tests conducted on the Draining Anti-Cellulite Cream.
** Self-assessment tests conducted on the Draining Anti-Cellulite Cream.
***Instrumental test on panel of 30 women, measurement carried out after 56 days of regular use of the product.
**** Clinical-instrumental tests conducted on the Breast and Buttocks Push Up Fluid after 4 weeks of regular use.
  • 500 ml
    Lost extracellular water*
  • 80% of women
    Improvement and reduction of the appearance of orange peel skin**
  • +20%
    Skin elasticity***
  • +12,7%
    Breast skin firmness****
  • +7,4%
    Firmness of the skin of the buttock****
  • -1,5 cm
    Abdomen circumference in just 21 days*****

Total Body

Every body is special. And we want to design the best path of beauty for everyone.