Trattamento liftante levigante model

Lifting Smoothing Treatment

Delivers firmness and elasticity to the skin, redefining the features.
The face appears lifted and more defined.


Indicated for skin that has begun to sag and form wrinkles due to the negative impacts of gravity on tissues.

Visible results

The effect of BECOS products is measurable.
Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Clinical-instrumental tests on the Lift Define treatment + self-care products.
**Self-assessment results on the Lift Define treatment + self-care products.
  • 2 mm*
    Lifted face
  • 32%
    Gravitational force counteracted in the nasolabial area*
  • -10,7%
    Volume of peri-ocular wrinkles*
  • 100% of women
    Smoother skin after 1 treatment*
  • 100% of women
    More relaxed and minimised expression lines after 1 treatment**
  • 100% of women
    Visible lifting and tightening effect on sagging skin**