Beauty is a personal matter

BECOS accompanies you to discover your beauty.
To recognize, understand and fulfill the wishes of your skin.

The personality of BECOS


We help women fall in love with their skin with an irrepressible desire to improve. And we won't stop there.


Our beauty consultants are ready to listen to your needs with the sensitivity to understand them and the expertise to satisfy them.


Over 35 years of made in Italy quality, always innovative technologies and constantly updated skills. A constant research that aims at the beauty of the results, a guarantee of active ingredients, formulas, methods and technologies that are always innovative and avant-garde


Thanks to effective active ingredients and certified formulas, we guarantee visible and measurable results. Your skin will agree.


We are open to any idea of ​​beauty. We know the present and look forward to living the future with you.

The path of beauty

The BECOS method allows our professionals to build a tailor-made beauty path. Products and technologies act synergistically, intercepting customer needs and accompanying them to their destination. We are not just talking about more beautiful skin or a more toned body. With BECOS, you can rediscover a new love for yourself.

BECOS supports
Fondazione Veronesi

Love your beauty: a continuous promise that translates into a real commitment, far beyond the world of cosmetics. BECOS supports Pink is good, the Veronesi Foundation project which has two major objectives:

  • Promote prevention, which is essential for identifying the disease in the very early stages, and providing information on the subject in a serious, accurate and updated way.
  • Give concrete support to scientific research, financing cutting-edge projects and supporting the work of doctors and researchers who have decided to dedicate their lives to the study and treatment of typically female tumors (uterus, breast, ovary) in Italian centers of excellence.


Becos finances six months of work by a deserving researcher committed to fighting breast cancer through the purchase of Superbody products, the proceeds of which are donated to scientific research.


Becos continues the pink adventure with Fondazione Veronesi, becoming a partner of the Le Pink Ambassador project: women who, after having faced cancer, have chosen to train and run a half marathon to promote the importance of physical activity as a fundamental weapon for prevention, and raise funds to support scientific research on female cancers.



Becos renews its commitment to women's health for the third consecutive year, financing six months of work by a researcher involved in the study of breast cancer, through the proceeds from the sale of the Tone Body Set.

The Group


BECOS is part of the ALFAPARF MILANO Group, an Italian multinational in the cosmetics industry founded by Roberto Franchina. Active in the care of hair, face and body with technological products and equipment, the Group integrates Research and Development, Production, Distribution and Training.



ALFAPARF MILANO is inspired by Italian creativity and the energy of the city of Milan to anticipate and update international trends.


  • 7 production units for over 400.000 pieces per day
  • 27 branches and distribution in 120 countries
  • 2.000 and more collaborators
  • 30.0000 beauticians
  • 300.000 hairdressers