KRF - Keramos Radio Frequency

SKU AP000243
Capacitive radio frequency with fractional emission to ceramic transducers

Technological properties

KRF uses a capacitive and fractional radio frequency system with high-performance ceramic transducers to firm and sculpt the face and body, giving a more youthful appearance.
KRF delivers "Skin Rejuvenation" by stimulating functional fibroblast activity and helping to improve skin elasticity and tissue permeability.
For Face treatments, it uses two specific and innovative handpieces:
  • Small Face Handpiece - Just 5 mm in diameter, this very small handpiece allows professionals to target wrinkles with extreme precision.
  • Large Face Handpiece - With a 32 mm diameter, this handpiece is used for the functional treatment of all areas of the face.


The stimulation of fibroblast activity results in new collagen and elastin synthesis with a consequent lifting, anti-aging effect*, for tighter, smoother skin.

*Cosmetic lifting effect.