Snella & Soda

SKU AP000268
A Slimming and Firming Anti-cellulite* treatment

*Relates to cellulite-related imperfections. Slimming occurs as a result of cosmetic sculpting without weight loss.

Technological properties

The 3 distinct Snella & Soda Technologies - INFRARED, ELECTROSTIMULATION and ELASTIC WAVES - perform multiple functional actions either alone or in synergy.
  • They increase cellular metabolism.
  • They promote tissue oxygenation.
  • They reduce the subcutaneous fatty tissue through their intense fat-burning action.
  • They accelerate venous and lymphatic drainage.
  • They reduce cellulite-related imperfections.
  • They help sculpt the body.


Women who have undergone the Snella & Soda treatment consider it to be a COMPLETE, GRATIFYING, EFFECTIVE and MODERN treatment:**:
  • Fat mass is reduced by -1 kg*
  • Extracellular water is reduced by up to -1.9 liters (0.98 liters on average )*
  • Orange-peel skin is visibly reduced in 70% of women treated*
  • Micro and macro nodules is visibly reduced in 65% of women treated*

*Clinical/instrumental tests on 20 women who underwent a Snella & Soda 12-treatment cycle.
**Self-assessment of volunteers (20) who underwent the complete Snella & Soda treatment ( 12 sessions)
* Self-assessment (according to 95% of the volunteers who underwent the complete cycle of 12 treatments).
** Instrumental test (measurements taken after a complete cycle of 12 treatments).
*** Self-assessment tests conducted on the complete Fisiotron treatment (12 sessions).