Protected and cleansed, your skin is ready to shine like a star. Discover your first gesture of daily beauty.

A precious habit

A cleansing and preparing face treatment, this essential beauty step regulates the skin barrier, leaving skin fresh and revitalized.

Cleansing Star formulations contain a prebiotic that preserves and strengthens the skin microbiota, the set of microorganisms that keep the skin in optimal balance.
A precious daily protection system that maintains the skin's defenses against external aggressions, for a fresh, young-looking and luminous skin.

Also suitable for more mature skin, which is in greater need of nourishment and comfort.

The key active ingredient is Rosa Canina Extract: with a calming and anti-oxidant action, it counteracts free radicals and protects against premature skin aging.



Not only healthier and more radiant: once cleansed, your skin will be ready to receive any treatment.