Goodbye impurities, welcome well-being. Discover the double purifying and sebum-regulating action of the Pure line.

Pure well-being

A purifying and normalizing face treatment for impure, combination, oily and acne-prone skin.

The balancing and sebum-regulating properties unclog pores and fight skin imperfections such as pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, and help prevent their recurrence.

Suitable for both young and mature skin thanks to the combination of gentle yet intense purifying active ingredients; it visibly reduces enlarged pores, reduces excess sebum and evens out discoloration, while refining the texture of the skin and keeping shine at bay.

Facial skin appears pure, smooth, and the complexion radiant and even.

The key active ingredient is Java Tea: an extract from the Java plant that reduces excessive sebum production.

Visible results

The effect of BECOS products is measurable.
Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Results of self-evaluation by the volunteers who underwent the Rebalancing Purifying Treatment (5 sessions).
  • 85% of women
    Cleaner and purified skin*
  • 95% of women
    Smoother skin to the touch, with a more uniform appearance*
  • 90% of women
    The treatment is a valid ally to counteract imperfections, excess sebum and enlarged pores thanks to a uniforming action*


Imperfections make us human. But for those of the skin, there is a tailor-made beauty routine.