Cleansing, first of all

Explore with us a fundamental step of your daily beauty routine.

What is cleansing for?

Cleansing is the most important moment of the daily beauty routine and is used to remove impurities that accumulate on the face. Failure to remove impurities and make-up could have harmful effects on the skin such as clogged pores, pimples, dull complexion, uneven skin texture, wrinkles and premature expression lines.
Not only healthier and more radiant: once cleansed, your skin will be ready to receive any treatment.



How often should I cleanse my face?

Twice a day, morning and evening.
In the morning, cleansing awakens the skin by eliminating the sweat and sebum that have deposited on the skin during the night.
In the evening, it removes impurities, smog, fine dust and any makeup residue.



Can I just use soap and water?

Washing your face only with water is insufficient to remove impurities, while using soaps that are usually used for hands or body is aggressive and deleterious to our skin barrier. Cosmetic allies with innovative formulations are needed that can effectively cleanse and keep the epidermal bacterial flora in balance, protecting the skin from external aggressions and strengthening the natural skin barrier.

What are the basic steps?

1. Cleansing

Removes impurities from the skin surface, making the skin clean, fresh and ready to receive subsequent products.


2. Toning

Fundamental to correctly complete the cleansing phase, it restores the PH of the skin, giving the face a fresher and revitalized appearance.