Counteracts stains, brightens the complexion. Discover the double uniforming action of White Prisma.

The brightest yourself

White Prisma corrects and reduces skin discoloration, for revitalized more radiant skin.
Promotes depigmentation by targeting individual dark spots, reducing their size and intensity, for more even, more uniform skin.

Brightens dull complexions, leaving skin looking fresh and radiant.

Fights all types of dark spots (sun, age, post-imperfection.

The key ingredient is the Water Flower Complex: a pool of active ingredients (including Watercress Extract) that acts on the Tyrosinase enzyme and regulates the formation of melanin, inhibiting its transport and promoting its dispersion, thus contributing to uniform and illuminate the complexion.

Visible results

The effect of BECOS products is measurable.
Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Clinical-instrumental tests on White Prisma Treatment + self-care products.
**Clinical-instrumental tests on White Prisma Treatment + self-care products after 56 days.
  • 100% of women
    Skin transformed after only 2 weeks*
  • 100% of women
    Effective treatment**
  • -32%
    Visibility of stains**
  • 90% of women
    Less visible spots in just 1 month*
  • 90% of women
    More uniform complexion after only 1 month*

Illuminate and even out

The sun, weather and other factors can cause spots and discoloration of the skin. But it's never too late to rediscover yourself in a new light.