Draining Anti-cellulite Treatment

The treatment with draining and anti-water action that counteracts water retention and fights cellulite blemishes for a more compact, firm and toned skin.



Promotes the drainage of excess fluids.


Decreases the visibility of cellulite blemishes.


It makes the skin more compact, firm and toned.


The effect of BECOS treatments is measurable. Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Clinical-instrumental tests on the complete treatment of 10 Cell & Dren sessions.
**Self-assessment test on the complete treatment of 10 Cell & Dren sessions.
  • More than 1 l
    Extracellular water lost*
  • 95% of women
    Draining effect, lighter and less swollen legs**
  • 100% of women
    Find cellulite imperfections less visible and are satisfied with treatment results**
  • 90% of women
    Experience a reduced sensation of pain (typical of cellulite) on massaging their thighs**

Are you a professional?

Transform your Beauty Center into a Becos Club and offer your customers the Soothing Repair Treatment: in just 50 minutes you can guarantee visible results, without the need for disproportionate promises. And this treatment is just one of the advantages of the BECOS world.