It favors in a targeted way the depigmentation of individual spots, reducing their intensity.


It gives light to the dull complexion of the skin.


It stimulates cell renewal for a more homogeneous and uniform skin.

Visible results

The effect of BECOS treatments is measurable.

Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Clinical-instrumental tests on White Prisma Treatment + self-care products.
**Clinical-instrumental tests on White Prisma Treatment + self-care products after 56 days.
  • 100% of women
    Skin transformed after only 2 weeks*
  • 100% of women
    Effective treatment**
  • -32%
    Visibility of stains**
  • 90% of women
    Less visible spots in just 1 month*
  • 90% of women
    More uniform complexion after only 1 month*

Are you a professional?

Transform your Beauty Center into a Becos Club and offer your customers the Soothing Repair Treatment: in just 50 minutes you can guarantee visible results, without the need for disproportionate promises. And this treatment is just one of the advantages of the BECOS world.