An infusion of science for a regenerating and renewing action. Discover a clever combination of concentrated acids and active ingredients.

The power of science

An innovative face treatment with a renewing and regenerating action.
The pool of scientifically advanced active ingredients regenerates the epidermis and stimulates skin renewal and collagen production, effectively fighting signs of aging and the damage caused by natural and photo-aging.

A targeted program to treat all skin types and visibly improve imperfections such as scars, uneven skin texture, dark spots and a dull complexion, while strengthening the skin barrier.

Renewed and regenerated, skin appears rejuvenated, renewed, and ready to glow.

Visible results

The effect of BECOS products is measurable.
Word of the women who have tried them on their own wonderful skin.

*Instrumental test on Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Drops
**Self-assessment results on Retinol Anti-Age Drops
*** Self-assessment results on the Regenerating Night Cream
****Self-assessment results on Anti-Aging Fluid BB SPF 30
  • +12%
    Skin brightness*
  • 90% of women
    Reduction of fine wrinkles and expression marks**
  • 100% of women
    Visibly smoother and more even skin texture**
  • 100% of women
    Skin as new, renewed and regenerated***
  • 95% of women
    Satisfaction with the even, fresh and bright complexion of the face****


Your skin always needs to renew itself. And BECOS has found an innovative way to help her.